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I re-built the Instagram profile detail Compositional Layout and Diffable to help folks learn

Filip Němeček
Primarily iOS developer, I also like Django and Python. And dabble with JavaScript occasionally. Love reading and coffee.
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As an iOS developer I am very excited about relatively new technologies Compositional Layout and Diffable Data Sources. Thanks to these building UI similar to App Store or Netflix became way easier and less error prone.

I have previously written about these technologies in more an abstract way, focusing on the principles and how to use them.

Now I decided to try something very different and "re-built" the Instagram profile page.

My goal is to show newcomers to iOS development how to approach such task and how to step-by-step build the entire UI.

Here is the result side-by-side 😄

Instantgram comparisson

I have written detailed post and the entire code is available on GitHub. Check it out!

Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂

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