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I disagree with the presented choice between privacy and time. I feel like people on #teamtime really hand wave on how much time they save. Here's a breakdown of the time I lose to my privacy measures:

1) I use ddg over google search, and the results are generally pretty good. Every now and then (not more than a couple times a month) I re-search a query on google if I get bad results. So that's maybe 30 seconds a month.

2) I use Firefox over Chrome. Firefox is fast these days, this costs me no time.

3) I pay for a VPN. Took me 20 mins to buy and set it up on my devices, one time cost. Really easy to turn on and off as needed, now my ISPs can't spy on me.

4) I still have a couple active gmail accounts, but I'm using protonmail for more sensitive information. This also was a one time setup of like 5 minutes.

5) I don't use Facebook. If anything, this saves me time.

I'm not perfect and unfortunately have an Android at the moment because I think Apple is over priced. But at some point I might spend a couple hours (one time cost) to lock it down, or maybe buy the Librem phone when it hits the market.

So please, someone from #teamtime, can you give me some concrete examples of time you save?

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