Discussion on: Which Java version?

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Nested Software

I think that a lot of the time these days, Java is used for server-side applications. In that case you only need to deploy to your own server environment and make sure you provision that environment accordingly. The users would then use a client application written for the web or mobile to access the server via rest or graphql...

If you've written some kind of open source tool in Java that people would include in their own software, I think you'd want to make it available in something like a maven repository. Then people can include your tool as a dependency as part of their gradle or maven build...

The case where you'd write a client-side application in Java is much more rare these days - not like in the early days of Java with Java applets and Swing applications. If you are developing a client-side app, I think you'd probably bundle Java along with your application. For example, I think the Jetbrains IDEs like IntelliJ, PyCharm, etc, are written in Java and they bundle a jre with the product.

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Sylvie Fiquet Author

That's very helpful, thank you.