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I am not aware of point-free style being somehow the "right" choice. There are probably places where it can be helpful, but adding a bit of contextual information almost never hurts, and can certainly help! In my opinion, pushing point free can go from being a little bit dogmatic to outright bad, depending on the case. I've seen examples online of people really turning their code into knots just to achieve a point free expression. Why they want to do this makes no sense to me: One has to go through a lot of mental effort just to unwind it back into something comprehensible.

Overall your point in the article strikes me as reasonable, but that part just bugged me a bit.


I probably could have come up with a more universal example, but that was just my most recent experience. I agree with you that point free isn't necessarily the "right" choice, but many people seem to consider it so based on the feedback I received multiple times. So I wrote the article from the perspective of assuming their feedback is correct in that instance, but I still chose to do it differently based on other considerations.

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