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We use NgRX at Interfacewerk for many projects. It simplifies many of the components, having only representational value and contain almost no logic. Most of the logic is outsourced into the selectors. This makes the complete application structure overwhelmingly clean. Besides having an initial boilerplate (which was reduced a lot with the introduction of create* functions) it speeds up development significantly and it is very easy to add additional features to NgRX-projects. In addition to that there is a very good documentation, the contribution support is top notch (thanks Brandon), and contributions were even mentioned by person at NG-CONF.

From the perspective of new Angular developers, the biggest advantage I see is that users adhere to certain patterns of handling data in the application. In my experience, the highest difficulty is reactive programming. Following along NgRX (and NgRX docs) they have a very good starting point and are pushed directly towards good practices for working with these reactive patterns.


Thanks for the info! I agree NgRx offers a fantastic starting point for new devs in pushing them towards healthy reactive patterns.

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