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re: I don't understand the goal of making a free app, without any ressources given (instead of assets) ?

I don't understand your question. What do you mean?


I just shared your website to a friend who actually learning frontend dev, and he was a little bit confused since there is no advice, tutorial, etc... any way to learn!

But i just understand devchallenges is a dev gamification platform. No way to learn anything here ^^

Nice work and nice project, keep it up !

Oh as I am doing it alone, It's sometimes to hard to find time and motivation to create tutorials or write more blogs. I will definitely try my absolute best to explain more, share my experiences, write more blogs/tutorials... to my users/students. Devchallenges is only 2 months old, so if you can enjoy what it offers now, I am sure there will be way more things in the future :)

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