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Thu Nghiem
Thu Nghiem

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Web Developer Roadmap 2021 in 10 minutes

I am going to tell you what exactly I would do if I had to start to learn web development in 2021.

I will cover:

  • Essential Tools
  • Programming Languages
  • Libraries/Frameworks
  • Projects you can do

More on

You can watch the video here:

Or a short summary here:

Essential Tools:

Alt Text

Programming Languages

Alt Text


Alt Text

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braydentw profile image
Brayden W ⚡️

Great roadmap! Thanks for the resource :D

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Nice roadmap.

ali_dot_ali profile image
Ali Ali

need pdf

dshung1997 profile image
Sy Hung Doan

Nice anh !