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Build a Modern Website from Scratch - FULL Tutorial 1+ hour [FREE]

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In the modern web, responsiveness is so important that your website needs to respond to every device with different screen sizes.

In this tutorial, we are going to build a Modern and Professional website using HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript.

We are going to use the Mobile-First Approach.

  • If you want to follow along, be sure to download the resource: HERE.

  • Demo Website: HERE

__________ 🎥 Video Tutorial __________

__________ 🔖 Tutorial Structure __________

    [00:00] - Introduction
    [00:48] - Project setups + Working Figma

    [01:42] - Hero Area section HTML
    [06:13] - Hero Area section CSS
    [19:56] - Hero Area section Responsiveness
    [22:34] - Organizing CSS + Comment sections

    [25:02] - About us section HTML
    [26:52] - About us section CSS

    [33:36] - Accommodations section HTML
    [38:17] - Accommodations section CSS
    [44:37] - Accommodations section Responsiveness + Animation

    [49:35] - Testimonials section HTML
    [54:16] - Testimonials section CSS

    [01:01:32] - Fixed Top Navigation With Transition
    [01:06:39] - Date input Safari, Default Date input value

    [01:07:53] - Deploy Website with Github Pages
    [01:09:27] - Happy Coding

__________ 🐣 About me __________

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sirawit profile image

That Awesome!

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AndrewSaint2020 • Edited

Wow that is so cool, thanks for helping us learning how to create websites. I have created lots of different websites in my life. I don't actually think that scratch is the best website for building websites. I have never liked Scratch as a website that can create websites. If you still don't have any idea what type of website you want to create, you can just access this link, to understand what you really want. Hope I helped!

kweyuvictor profile image
Kweyu Victor

That was remarkable,just completed coding through this video and I am more empowered now.My journey towards becoming a developer is tough and worth the while.Keep up with the good work Thu.

kr4idle profile image
Pete Steven

Great tutorial.

You can also try to use Desech Studio to import your figma design file and then you only need to do slight adjustments compared to writing it by hand.