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Discussion on: Excerpts from ‘The Clean Coder'

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Nick Polyderopoulos


Personally i think that the 20 hours a week are manageable.
I do an one hour research before and after work.
3 - 5 hours the weekend.

Of course this can be altered to anyone's preference and timeline.

For me its important to do a little reading, but its not a requirement to do for 20 hours. You can adjust it to your liking.

Although i should say i like your opinion based on the time you need to spent with your family.
I would do the same if i had time to do only one thing.

Thanks for your time

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Alain Van Hout

"Personally i think that the 20 hours a week are manageable"

... for you. Don't expect other people's situations to be similar to yours. And be ware of "can't you just" suggestions. They may sound helpful in your head, but they come across poorly.

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Nick Polyderopoulos • Edited on

Hello @Alain Van Hout,
I don't know if you read my whole comment.
But i didn't say that i'm absolute with this but what works for me.

I stated that if i had to choose between family and work (and couldn't do these 2 things together) I would choose family of course.

Please don't be quick on your judgement to others.
I merely said what is on my head and on my daily routine. I don't expect anyone to follow my routine because they don't have my life.


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Alain Van Hout

That's good to hear.

I did read the rest of your comment before replying, and even then the first sentence still sounded like an absolute, in the sense that it seemed that you'd expect it to be true for most people -- i.e. barring unusual exceptions.

That's the problem with language I suppose, especially in written form: it's very easy to find different meanings in the same piece of text :).

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Ben Sinclair • Edited on

If it's manageable for some people, that's great. I'm extremely wary of anyone suggesting that it should be the norm, though, because:

  1. some people don't have the time
  2. some people don't have the health
  3. it fosters an environment where people will expect you to behave that way and if you don't you'll be seen as somehow lesser than your peers - regardless of how you perform in your job.

As a soundbite, expecting a 60-hour week isn't a work ethic, it's commitment creep.

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Michiel van der Blonk

Expecting a 60 hour week and paying for 40? Those 20 hours are slavery.