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Discussion on: How to Get an Object Length

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Nicky Meuleman • Edited

Great writeup!

The enumerable and Symbols parts were especially excellent.

This made me play around with your example code a bit and I have a question.

const numbers = {one: '1️⃣'};

  Symbol.for('two'), {
    value: '2️⃣',   
    enumerable: false // default value

const enumerableLength = Object.keys(numbers).length; // 1
const symbolLength = Object.getOwnPropertySymbols(numbers).length; // 1
const totalObjectLength = enumerableLength + symbolLength; // 2

How should I handle this case where I don't want the symbol to get counted?

Came up with this, other solutions?

const enumerableSymbolLength = Object.getOwnPropertySymbols(numbers).filter(key => numbers.propertyIsEnumerable(key)).length // 0
const totalObjectLength = enumerableLength + enumerableSymbolLength; // 1
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Samantha Ming Author

If you only want the enumerable properties without the symbols. The Object.keys method should just work, since it doesn't include that. If I misunderstood your questions, please follow up 🙂

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Nicky Meuleman • Edited

All enumerable properties, including ones with Symbols as keys.
Excluding all non-enumerable properties.

an object with:
1 enumerable property with string as key,
2 non-enumerable properties with a string as key,
1 enumerable property with Symbol as key
1 non-enumerable properties with Symbol as key.

Should return 2 as total length. (1 for string key and 1 for Symbol key)