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Discussion on: TabNine - Put your coding speed to the next level

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Nicola Author

Damn, that's strange at all!

I think the plugin is reading all your files, and maybe it touches them.

According to FAQs:

Since TabNine does not parse your code, it will never stop working because of a mismatched bracket.

I don't think it's changing your file metadata or something like that. Can I ask you to provide an example of what's happening? Maybe I can help you!

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Mike Talbot • Edited on

Well it's active in my Markdown - offering suggestions, which is a little unhelpful really - I'm not expecting my English to change on Enter

I typed this:

#### 2.1.50

- Handle the case where the Promise yielded is immediately resolved without
  going through the restart process

And it stuck a 7 on the end of the version number

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Nicola Author

It helps you with code first, and it "works" also with markdown, but as a syntax language it tries to help you with some suggestions calculated on your code, so it could mess a little bit up. Anyway, I've tried on a new markdown file and It's not happening, I think it is because is learning from your code and somehow it matches the wrong words. I'll check TabNine devs for that to learn more about this behaviour.