Discussion on: Semantic HTML And Why Does it Matter

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Nicolás Omar González Passerino

Thanks for the article Garv. It is a great starting point in my personal because i am starting a couple of pages and i want to begin with the right foot knowing i will have to handle a page structure by myself.
If you have more useful info about this subject, it will be more that welcome.

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Garv Nanwani Author

Yeah sure, if you want to build any personal project first start with planning, make a basic overview of your pages are going to look, you can use figma here. Then try to break them in component's, the navbar , header, main hero section , about section and like that, add comments at the top of each section and make sure to enclose every content in respective semantic tags and write the css accordingly using the semantic tags then it be easier to go through your code once it's gets large and you can maintain a consistently among your pages