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Nicolás Omar González Passerino
Nicolás Omar González Passerino

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How do you deal with burnout?

Thanks to DEV, I have found a lot of great articles about new features, tools, and libraries, as well as questions about life aspects of a developer, which helps me to become a sharper dev and better professional every day.

Today, I want to publish my first article after I began my career almost five years ago with a situation that may have happened to many of you (even before this time of pandemic).
This year I started learning new things to improve my toolbox as front-end. But in recent months, I didn't have time to apply them because I have had other things to do in my free time (chores, work overtime), and like someone who often challenges himself, I started to feel sad and overwhelmed.

Nowadays, I have found a way to reach a balance with my demands. First, I list all my goals, dividing them into small tasks, and doing one or two a day, so I can focus on what I want and have a balance with my life.

Do you experience this feeling often?
If you do, what do you do to achieve that balance?

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Guilherme Ferreira

Hi Nicolás,
Burnout is common in software development.
I would say that the first step is to question the value of everything that you do and is part of your life.
We tend to bring to much complexity that becomes difficult to handle.
In my case, minimalism and simplicity helped me a lot.
That was so important to me, that I have a talk on that topic. Sorry by the "self-promotion" but I think it can help you.

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