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Discussion on: How to convert an array into an object in javascript

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Thank you this works very good.

I have one question:
what does arr.forEach(x=>result.find(y=>;

I don't understand this function. I left it out and works. What does it?

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fetishlace • Edited

It cannot work without it, it makes no sense. I've just generated array with unique names and empty series array at first (result), this one is pushing all the series objects data into these empty series arrays in result array.

It's just going through original array (arr) to pick series object and push it in result series array - names properties has to match hence

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to understand the code a bit better, how I have to adjust it to get the following result:

{"name":"Area 1","value":3},
{"name":"Area 2","value":3},
{"name":"Area 2","value":1}

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From that?
let arr = [
{"name":"Product 1","series":{"name":"Area 1","value":3}},
{"name":"Product 2","series":{"name":"Area 2","value":3}},
{"name":"Product 1","series":{"name":"Area 2","value":1}},
U can just remap it>x.series)