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Discussion on: What's your favorite interview question?

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Baptiste Coulange • Edited on

Stolen from some Amazon interviews, I love the question :

What happen between the moment when I push enter on Google home page and the result is displayed?

I love this question because actually a LOT of things happen and giving a complete precise answer is impossible. As a consequence it's a good question to test the ability of giving an honest synthetic answer, to ask more questions to complete some technical points and see how far goes the web/internet/computer knowledge of the candidate, to see on which topics he focus the most on, etc.
It's an excellent technical icebreaker in my opinion.

And I also love that it's not a weird question on a stupid problem but about a very typical thing we do everyday...

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Gabe Kangas

I second this. It's fun knowing where the interests and existing skills are. Do they talk about software, hardware, networking? Do they talk about CDNs and performance? Do they talk about the web servers and databases? Do they know how the browser makes the request, or what a request actually is? Do they mention load balancers, routing or DNS? Etc etc. And it's usually a fun conversation that could go on forever.

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Baptiste Coulange

Or about how the browser interpret the answer? How and when are loaded css and js? Where is stored the information during the whole process? What about some eventual caching?

it never ends and most of the time even being the interviewer I discover new aspects of the question... :D

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Jeffrey Tao Author

I really like this question. I feel like the answer could say a lot about who a candidate is, what they're interested in, and what their areas of expertise are.