Discussion on: How do you rate my website?

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Nikola Peevski

Hey man. The fact that you've started working on your own personal site is a great step forward. I am not particularly fan of rating scales, so instead I'll give you some feedback. Firstly try to use as minimal Javascript as possible, you can do most things with pure CSS. Secondly you don't need flashy animations to make an impression. Thirdly think about view prioritisation, especially if you consider using it on your CV/Resume. Make it easily readable with your external links top left/right corner (that be github, linkedin etc), skills in a simple list ordered by the standard Good, Average, Have worked with only once and the rest of the space leave out for personal projects and hobbies. You can try looking at some popular spoke person's sites like John Papa. The difference is that in his site he's focusing on blog posts as you can clearly see from firstly opening the page, also you can notice his contact information at the very top. A small detail, which is more SEO related is that if you stop Javascript you'd want the first serve of the site to be accompanied with as much as information as possible. Try looking into a way of either static site generation or server side rendering for your site.

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Thank you Nikola. I will keep that in mind. :)