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re: Nice article David. This is a great, under represented topic that has bigger consequences than most developers realize as it can lead to failed pr...

Thanks John, I very much agree. And yes, the "it can lead to failed projects" point is incredibly important; especially if you're working for an organisation for whom software delivery isn't their primary function; because, as experienced on the project I describe above, product owners who are not familiar with software development will often not appreciate how big of a task it can be to get up to speed with someone else's project when these considerations haven't been made during its development.

Of course there are often pressures on development teams to get things done as quickly as possible; but we need to appreciate that a small time investment in this area actually allows everyone to get things done more quickly overall. I'm not suggesting this is by any means a new idea, nor a new problem, but sometimes it's worth a reminder. :D

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