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Discussion on: Technical Virtue Signaling

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Is this truly virtue signalling? I feel like - in my experience at least - most companies don't really know how to interview well, so they fall back on things that they can assess as "right" or "wrong". And the people who are trusted to do technical interviews are usually going to be the "best" devs in the company, and people typically aren't very good at thinking anything other than "well I know this so you should know this too". And this is what I think leads to where we're at with technical interviews. I don't personally believe that people sit around and think "let's make this test have nothing to do with the job being applied for so that we'll look really cool!", although perhaps your experience and mine have been very different here! :-)

Seems everything is labelled as virtue signalling at the moment, I guess because it's easy to do - this post for example, it could be easily argued that you're virtue signalling by talking about how much you dislike this behaviour from companies, right? And my reply to you too - classic virtue signalling. Maybe we can only avoid virtue signalling by saying nothing at all. :-/