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Discussion on: MVC Tutorials Are Broken

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Nino Filiu

Thanks for putting into words what I've had in mind for months!

In the same line of thought, I once had a senior dev tell us

The web UI and the database access should be implementation details

and as a dev whose work for the past years has basically been connecting web UIs to databases I took it very personally because I was like "so, what's left? :'("

Only with experience I later realised how important it was to have a Model that is agnostic to what happens outside of the business logic, that doesn't do database calls, and that doesn't generate any HTML

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Ovid Author

It's a sad problem that for many companies today, a "senior" dev is decided by years of experience, not ability. Thus, technical ability is sometimes dismissed by the business side.

That being said, "years of experience" often means "business knowledge" and that's something which is sometimes dismissed by the technical side.

I've given talks before about how to bridge this divide, but it's hard to do. So many have chosen which side of the management/technology divide they're on and they're happy to stay there.