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Discussion on: Should we use databases as pure data storage without application logic?

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Nicolas Penot Author

That's interesting point of view Aaron, thanks for sharing :)
Most of the points you mentioned are true, but, unfortunately most for the developers I saw try to work around those highly secure database architecture just to deliver faster. How can we offer them more agility in such a strict paradigm?

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Aaron Reese

Its mainly about culture and convention. There should be a negotiation about what shape the data needs for front end and then the Business Analyst and data architecht should work out how to store it in the database and resurface it in the correct shape with an API in the middle layer. There are a whole host of other performance optimisations that can take place: Caching of shaped JSON objects to save expensive database calls, Paging requests to limit data set sizes, Graph QL . What I would say is that the front end should NOT be manipulating the shape of the data or running intersects between data sets; that is the responsibility of the middleware or data layer.
Secure database architechture is not a barrier to speedy delivery, it is however a protection against certain types of technical debt.