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I used it for some months, inspired by Handmade Hero.
Spent some time customising it myself, also used Evil-Mode.
I think Magit and Org-Mode are still the best tools in their field, and it's worth to run Emacs solely for them.
I switched to VSCode eventually. It became too much of a hassle to use modern front-end-tooling in Emacs, and VSCode has most of it out of the box.
Plus I love nice visual interfaces.

Did you try "Zone Out" yet?


Haven’t tried “Zone Out” yet. Just getting started learning org-mode and magit. Magit seems really nice from the get go. I can already see why some people like it so much. Org seems to have a lot to offer as well. The ability to execute code in my org files already seems like a win.

What modern tooling are you using that you feel doesn’t really mesh with Emacs?


I think it was Prettier back then. Also I had some troubles getting modern JS-Syntax to display correctly. I'm sure all of that is fixable and probably fixed by now, I just haven't had the time to tinker around with the config.

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