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For no-brainer-activities like updating tasks, HTML/CSS etc. I listen to podcasts, or music like Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Damien Rice, nothing heavy.

For "deep" work (at least as deep as interface-development gets 😬) I have two playlists I listen to:

Slow scary industrial techno-music

Indie-game soundtracks (my own playlist)

Also there is this pretty awesome website, where you can listen to live airport-chatter mixed with ambient-music from Soundcloud. Works pretty well!


"slow scary industrial techno" sounds appropriate for software development 😄


Oh and I think "spooky" is a better word, not "scary"


Maybe "industrial" is usually something else, but it's mostly some slow subgenre of techno, like


Thanks for the recommendation of - Strangely satisfying!

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