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Discussion on: I'm a "Lifelong Beginner". Are you?

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Nitya Narasimhan Author • Edited on

Yes yes yes.

And the reality is that TRUE beginners (those who get into tech and are beginning journeys with a purpose) will PERSIST and become other things (pros, experts, influencers - whatever the popular "label" of the day is) - given the TIME (to grow their understanding) and OPPORTUNITY (to apply it in real world uses).

So the call to action for all of us in tech is simple:

If you see a "beginner" (starting a journey) - given them a lift to their destination (speed up that journey). Give them companionship, advice and support - make the journey fun and meaningful.

And if you have already made that journey, then turn around and guide someone else. Pay it forward. Because the more people who tread the path, the more likely we can then forge new paths to the next peak. The other analogy I love here is mountain climbing.

Beginners are those starting from one basecamp and going to the next. Each person has their own destination - some want to get to the next basecamp, and then return down and go climb another mountain. Some will keep coming back again and again until - basecamp by basecamp - they finally reach their Everest.

And then there are the sherpas.
Who have done this journey more times than they can count.
And are there just to help each new beginner make their journey a bit more productive.
We all have that in us.

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Siddhesh Shankar

Totally agree on this😊