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Discussion on: Top 5 PHP frameworks: Laravel vs Yii vs Zend vs Phalcon vs Symfony, their good and bad sides

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Jeroen van den Broek

Worse than that, he makes no mention of Laravel's deep involvement with Eloquent, an arguably less elegant ORM solution in which the data defines the model rather than the model defining the data. It's really easy to end up with code that cannot use code completion because your editor has no way of knowing what fields exist in your database.

Most of the cons listed for Symfony (the framework I'm most familiar with) are very weak as well. Yes, Symfony supports annotations but they are always just one of several options. There is little to no need to use them if for whatever reason you don't want to. And what the hell does "Too many entities of different kinds" even mean? Entities in Symfony's context are part of your ORM so assuming those aren't what he's talking about it is a poor choice of words. And in this case I don't see what the problem is. Too many features? Too many options? How is an abundance of either of those a problem as long as things are documented well (which they are)?