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Discussion on: Certifications - worth it or waste?

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For the employer or recruiter, your actual skills and knowledge mean a lot more than a piece of paper that says you can do something. Having a certificate is a nice bonus but that alone won't get you hired.

But on the other hand, it's pretty much the exact opposite for the customer. As you said, for a bathroom renovation you want the company to have "proof" that they know what they are doing. I'd say it's the same in any sector when the customer is comparing companies for their next project. The certificate doesn't guarantee that the person is an expert but it brings some kind of a peace of mind to the customer. "We have 8 AWS certified developers ready to work" sounds a lot more convincing than "we have 8 developers who've used AWS before".

In general I'd say that the certificate is worth if it's a "real" and meaningful certificate. The ones that you can get for completing a tutorial on udemy etc most likely won't bring any extra value to anyone.

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Erik Lundevall Zara Author

It depends I think - if the company who has developers "who have used AWS before" has real previous customer cases in areas that are relevant to the new customer, that is going to be valued higher.

But without good customer references in the area that is relevant, certifications may certainly provide an extra bonus.