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Discussion on: Thoughts on Being a Digital Nomad

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Cosmic timing Ali ! I’m about to do this my self.. I’ve been at a job that allows me to do this for about a year now , and my lease is up in July , so as soon as it is , I want to sell all my stuff and do it while I’m still single and not having kids

Thank you so much for the heads up , in regards to loneliness and lack of routing - being a creature of habit I think I too would seriously miss this aspect Of everyday existence the most ...

PerHaps if I stayed longer than a month , like at least 3 at a time , it would enough to feel settled in .

And to combat loneliness - I am pretty violently extroverted and usually end up making friends wherever I go .. just difficult when they don’t speak English .

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Ali Spittel Author

Awesome! Yeah, hopefully by then things will be more open and you can go to events. I think that will be really helpful :)

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