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Discussion on: Web Developers and Designers, where do you get your raw materials from?

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Lohit Aryan

Man this was useful wow I just go about making up some baseline Bulma page as frontend for playing around in node ;/

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Rick Booth

I used to rely heavily on stuff like Bootstrap/Bulma, but have found myself recently getting attached to utility frameworks like You can quickly create buttons and stuff with inline classes like <button class="px-4 py-2 border border-grey-darkest rounded hover:bg-grey-light">Click me!</button>

I feel like sometimes when prototyping you can get caught up with frameworks like Bulma trying to get everything to look nice and work well together, but if you create your own minimalistic components it can speed dev up a bit! Depends whether you hate css or not though I suppose haha

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Prahlad Yeri Author

Tailwind seems wonderful! But you also need a grid for your layouts, do you use a different minimal framework for that?

Then there's also the need for things like responsiveness, modal dialogs, navbars, carousel, etc. which come built-in with Bootstrap. What do you use for those?

Are these minimal frameworks too difficult to handle for someone with minimal knowledge of CSS?

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Rick Booth

For a grid I usually just use tailwind's built in width stuff, having a two column layout would be something like

<div class="flex flex-col md:flex-row">
  <section class="w-1/3">Sidebar</section>
  <section class="w-2/3">Main Content</section>

where initially it wraps and on medium screens and above it sits side by side.

I've found the responsive stuff in tailwind to be great. You can even hook directly in to the config if configured properly and do stuff like

.my-component {
  @apply bg-red text-white p-4;
  @screen md {
    font-family: config('fonts.primary');
    @apply bg-blue text-grey p-8 /* font-primary here would do the same as the above line */;

As for stuff like modals, it's not too hard to achieve these in pure css without needing javascript or pre-built component (I know Bootstrap used to rely pretty heavily on jQuery which was one of the main reasons I moved away from it when starting to use stuff like Vue/React). Check out tailwindcomponents if you get chance, there's a load of pre built tailwind things there that you can either get inspiration from or copy :)

I wasn't that confident with CSS stuff until more recently and using tailwind has been a blessing.