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Discussion on: Do you use Linux? Answer for the chance to appear on the DevDiscuss podcast!

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Noel Emmanuel

Reasons why most programmers prefer Linux to windows and why I use Linux:

-Linux Is free
-linux Is scalable,it can be used on any device ,old or new with the latest version,it brings old computers to life
-Linux has a easy learning curve with the GUI and CLI

-Linux is portable

-Linux is open source,with thousands of distributions from different programmers across the world ,I can also contribute if I have the knowledge of C language and the kernel

-Linux is secure ,with thousands of distributions from different countries and different programmers, it can never be hacked but windows can

-Linux has more performance than windows ,no doubt.
That's why alot of people install antivirus and some security softwares but Linux comes with alot of tools to battle viruses ,malware and hackers
When you start using Linux, you'll enjoy it.
The reason windows is widely used is because of its popularity ,Linux is now used widely by developers /programmers world wide According to stack overflow survey last year