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Hi there! Nice topic.

I currently use a library I've been working on and maintaining for the last 2 years, its called Loggin'JS github.com/loggin-js/loggin-js. I mostly use it on NodeJS apps, but it also has support for the browser.

In the browser I usually use logging as a debugging feature as tux0r said in another comment.
But if I make some kind of cli app for example, I will structure logs much more and separate them between user and debug logs, I usually save them all to log files, but only show specific logs to the user, as this lib makes this really simple. I also give the option to manage what logs the user want to see.

If I'm working on the browser I usually don't store my logs, but on NodeJS apps I mostly save them on files or on some database like mongo-db, which this lib has a plugin to do so.

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