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Discussion on: 🔨 [git]: Write better commits with Gitmoji

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I like this in principle. It speaks to the side of me that enjoys order and rules. But I can see where this steps into the realms of layering up a process and overcomplicating things.

I can see this working in a small closed team environment, where there is a lot of emphasis on house rules. I think where this loses appeal for me is longevity and larger or more open-source projects. I think for the sake of reading through a large number of commits from hundreds of different contributors, a word-based system, or a hybrid system would work better (as suggested in other comments before mine.)

I'm not keen on overcomplicating rules for fleeting contributors. I do really like how it looks though and I'd use it for personal and smaller/private projects.

As with any tool, gotta ask yourself is it appropriate for what you're doing.

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