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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #249 - Incremental Changes

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  1. I may be in the minority, but I'd consider CSS + HTML at least non-turing complete languages.👍🏿

  2. ...though it'd behoove you to graduate to a turing complete language like Ruby or JavaScript.

An algorithm is an unambiguous method of solving a specific problem. - Wiki

  1. An example of an algorithm is a recipe, correct. The opposite could be called a heuristic, but it's not a discrete line to draw now that Machine Learning uses some stochastics for it's results.

It's very exciting to see a beginner grappling with these concepts and potentially create fresh examples and metaphors.

  1. As far as the DC - an example of an iteration is a cycle. - Your washing machine has several spin cycles and probably saves the sequence in a list (or array). The machine iterates through each cycle in that list till the process (or algorithm) is complete. In this case, an iteration would be each 'pass' through some block of code that's looping either explicitly or recursively.

If nothing else, a well-worded recipe for getting the sum is valid. ✌🏿