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Discussion on: I Put Away My Stethoscope and Grabbed My Laptop

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Do you consider developing medical software and putting in use your background or you prefer staying away from that?

(Asking as someone who at one point worked for a company that developed software for an oncology hospital and honestly I'd like to stay away from that)

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Amanda Peters Author

Honestly, I'm not entirely interested in getting back into the healthcare field, even if it is tech focused. I've found that it's incredibly difficult to be passionate about the work that I am doing if it is connected to healthcare. Not because I can't be passionate about the work, but because passion is often accompanied with the intent to do good(having morals and ethical standards). From my experience, the healthcare industry will always muffle a persons ability to remain passionate about their work because at the end of the day the healthcare industry is an interesting dichotomy. It's the two conflicting focuses of helping people and money...all healthcare organizations at the end of the day will(and as a business has to) choose money and business sustainability over, what is often, what's best for patients and their employee base. I've seen it time and time again, in multiple settings. Even if I were to take a technical role that was connected to healthcare, I know that those issues would find a way to trickle down and effect my ability to love the work that I am doing.

Those are just my opinions based off of my knowledge and experiences. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who feel very differently, but for me It'd be a no. Even though it's hard to imagine that I put SO MUCH time and effort into getting my nursing license, and now I'll likely never use it again, I'll still plan on staying away from anything healthcare related. Thanks for the question!