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nuster is a high performance caching proxy server based on HAProxy.
It is 100% compatible with HAProxy, and takes full advantage of the ACL
functionality of HAProxy to provide fine-grained caching policy based on
the content of request, response or server status. Its features include:

  • All features of HAProxy are inherited, 100% compatible with HAProxy
  • Powerful dynamic cache ability: based on HTTP method, URI, path, query, header, cookies, HTTP request or response contents, environment variables, server state, SSL version, SNI, connection rate, number, byte, etc
  • Extremely fast
  • Cache purging
  • Cache stats
  • Cache management
  • HTTPS supports on both frontend and backend
  • HTTP compression
  • HTTP/2
  • HTTP rewriting and redirection

I welcome any contributors for ideas, bugs reports, PRs:

  • Disk persistence
  • Sync between nodes
  • Other GitHub issues
  • etc
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