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Discussion on: How I Got Into Crypto With SafeMoon

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Nutrionik • Edited

That seems like an interesting counter offer to dump our Bitcoins and move to a highly rewarding coin. I will research it much better and see if it's worth the while. I still feel though that the Forex market is much easier to navigate through.It really depends on what you see as real profit out of the Forex market. If you are one of those knuckleheads that follow anyone or anything no promises 1000% rewards in one week then you are in for a big disappointment. I started recently trading crypto and I think it's one of the best and volatile assets to lay your hands on at the moment. Of course that doesn't mean that the risk is not there. If you can find good resources that can give you an edge over other traders like then I'm pretty sure you can make a decent return at the end of the day.

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