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Build a Complete Solution with Django,React, React Native, AWS, Heroku

Hey guys,
It has got to the point where I have a good number of technologies I can work with comfortably but I feel like having to make all of this work together and deploying them when they're tied together is something I haven't done.

So here's the plan,
I have already built out a simple warehouse management solution in django.
In the next few weeks,

  1. I'll be working on a react frontend which means I have to build out an api with django rest framework* for the already built out backend.

  2. Build a React Native client

  3. Deploy django backend on Heroku and react frontend on S3

Extra perks

  1. Add Graphql
  2. Add a caching layer with Redis

Here's a preview of the UI

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

Let's do this!
I'll add a link to my repository in the next one.

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ohduran profile image

Hey, have you tried setting up the whole thing using cookiecutter-react-django?? It may save you hours of config time for an app just like that!

nyamador profile image
Desmond Author

No I haven't tried this before, I'd definitely check it out. Thanks for this!

lukidwianto profile image

Anyway I can reactJs but it few until redux. And Backend API i using Java Spring. I wanna try Django. can try join?

nyamador profile image
Desmond Author

Great I'll prepare the repository so we start collaboration from there. I'll take out Redux so we can move along.

Take a look at this:


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