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re: The Service Worker/caching could be optimized a bit. Surely 400+ MB of stored data is not necessary. (And I learned myself how tricky this whole...

Is dev.to a PWA, i opened in my android phone in chrome which asked me to put it on home and since then I've it as an app I've not installed it from the app store.

It is. You should check it when you have your internet turned off. You'll be presented with a cool 'no internet' screen.

oh yeah they did tell me a joke about Trump being US president, damn now I need to know what is PWA like form the scratch. It really lures me as I'm learning NOde.js/Express.js creating simple web apps, can those directly get translated to PWAs

PWA is not a new type of app. You add service worker to your/any web app and configure it the way you want your app to behave. It's more of an elaborate config library that can start your app even when there is no internet and a lot more.

You can get started with these examples -

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