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Divyesh Parmar • Edited on

I'd like to add that has helped me survived from that giant ocean of YDKJS book, for me personally YDKJS requires a lot more patience. Also any reader here can check my previous posts which explains the preparation for front-end itnerviews.

Let me also mention all the YouTube channel which played a vital role in my learnings:

0) FreeCodeCamp's youtube channel is the surface to mine
1) Net Ninja
2) Academind
3) Traversy Media
4) Ben Awad (focuses more on react-native)
5) Akshay Saini (complete overviews of how to give a front-end interviews covers all the topics)
6) TechSith (while I'm always in dilemma if I like his content or not it surely helps in interivews
7)this particular event loop video by Philip Roberts is like a Geeta, Quran, Bible to understand it

If you go to react.js side,

  • this github link is not updated I guess but it surely has tons of things to make projects from
  • Reactiflux discord channel
  • reddit's /r/webdev's discord channel
  • speakJS discord channel

For interview preparation

I'm sure this would help, do share what other stuff that helped you learn, understand the concepts well and made you able to present really well in interviews

EDIT: The growing channels on YouTube,

  • Unsure Programmer (mostly react-native)
  • Harry Wolf (real funny guy always talks explaining the core of the latest proposed features of ES 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Code Drip
  • Code Artistry
  • code_drip (if you are a competitive programming enthusiast)
  • codedamn
  • Codevolution (their recent playlist of react hooks has a set a standard level)
  • Dev Ed
  • Fun Fun Function (this channel has been out there since so long and the creators has now abandoned it because of some busy schedule and focus on their personal channels I guess)
  • JavaScript mastery (projects with reactjs)