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I've encountered two health problems that i had to fix.

  1. Eye strain

I noticed quite quickly in my career that i got a growing headache as the day progressed. Glasses where the solution.

First i had a pair of Gunnar glasses (gaming brand) that had yellow tint and +0.25 strength that worked for two years. but after a while i noticed that that did not work anymore.
Now i have +2 in strength and require yellow tint on the glasses i use in-front of the computer.

  1. RSI

Started feeling pain in my lower arms, wrist and fingers especially when working on a laptop.
I solved this by starting to look at more ergonomic products. Started to use a split keyboard and external touchpad.
After some iteration I'm now at a setup that works really well for me.
Trackball, Keyboardio Model 01 and Ergorest supports.

I get a bit upset when workplaces try to save money on screens, keyboards, desks, chairs and such. That's one of the most important things for wellbeing and where we spend most of our time in the office.


Well said, Companies should take care of these things.


Genetic predisposition to carpal tunnel syndrome. Had my first carpal tunnel release surgery (on my right hand) summer following my freshman year of college). Had to have the other one done not long after my 30th birthday. Upon my return, convinced my employer they could save on medical insurance outlays related to RSD by issuing ergo keyboards (even if only "on demand" rather than "everyone gets one").

Note to all reading this thread that work in offices that have a lot of hot-deskers: if you're a touch-typist who hates when people sit down and "adjust things" (and leave them "adjusted") – an ergo keyboard is pretty much squatter-bane.

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