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re: A monolithic approach doesn't mean old but big and difficult to change and deploy. I'm not defending WP but they've completely revamped their edito...

Regarding Wordpress I think they've done great work with Gutenberg but they are still monolithic in the sense that WP is one large project. This is different from the CMS+SSG+Deploy ecosystem where players are separate companies/projects that interact with each other via APIs, webhooks, etc.

From our (Stackbit's) perspective we're working on tools to help accelerate the adoption of technologies like static sites. We believe that the right tools will enable more developers to utilize these technologies and enjoy their benefits. Our first step was to enable people to build a site using these technologies in 60 seconds as opposed to hours of stitching together content schemas and templates. You can try it out by signing up to the beta (stackbit.com/beta/), would love to hear your feedback.

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