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re: Resumable file upload in PHP: Handle large file uploads in an elegant way VIEW POST


Last time I looked at Tus you couldn't control the filename on the server-side - is it still like that? I was looking to replace using Minio with it - but not being able to control the filenames/dirs was a bit of an issue :-/


Hi @ohffs ,

Thank you for trying the package.

If you are using both tus-php client and server you can provide file name in client itself. For eg:

$client->setKey($uploadKey)->file('/path/to/file', 'my-awesome-file.mp4');

If you want to do it in server side you can do it using hooks which is coming soon in new version:

     function (\TusPhp\Events\TusEvent $event) {
        // Perform post upload operation.
        // For instance, renaming a file in your case

Hope that address your issue. Feel free to open issue in case you need any help.


Oh - thanks for that! Sadly I'd be using the Golang server (embedded device so no PHP) - but I see now it has hooks too so I might be able work something out :-). Thanks for the tip! :-D

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