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Discussion on: 6 things to do as a product developer to accelerate your career

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Orlando Brown

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ such a great post. I 99% agree with you on just about everything. As myself am in the "Product Developer", "Product Focused Developer" space. So I totally understand where your coming from.

But I do have a word of warning to anyone reading this. Draw a line or balance when it comes to how much of your time you volunteer to any company, friend, family, etc.

Unless you have equity or something tied to the output or success of all these amazing and lovely initiatives/innovations, your still a small cog enabling huge profits which are not making there way to you.

Now I'm not saying you should not shine, yes do so, but perhaps re-directing that time and effort into something the will drive wealth in your own direction.

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Tommy DANGerous


Thatโ€˜s why when we "Code more and build things", I believe we should build our own side projects if we have ideas. If we donโ€™t have ideas, the next best thing is to work on something that is already tangible (e.g. something from work).

Building side projects is the number 1 way I improved my coding skills, expanded my knowledge of technology, and grew as a developer.

Donโ€™t give all your time to a company, invest in yourself.