Discussion on: Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? 👽

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Dennis O'Keeffe

I think it is human nature to question ourselves at times.

It can healthy: moments of reflection and introspection, considering change, listening to our intuition, critiquing ourselves for improvement. What becomes unhealthy is when we get to a point where it is self-deprecating and debilitating.

In our professional lives and under the stress of expectation (self-inflicted or external), I find there is a fine line between constructive and destructive criticism and feedback and that line can only continue to blur and snowball under the circumstances. We generate the infamous feedback loop from hell and it can spiral down.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, but the following has helped me:

  1. Setting core, guiding principles that you fall back to when you are feeling the pinch (from imposter syndrome or other).
  2. Appreciate strength through diversity. The more you explore, meet others and diversify, the more I personally find you appreciate our individualism and re-enforce your own understanding of human fallibility and embrace the imperfect.
  3. Having a willingness to be vulnerable. You just nailed it on the head with this post, but if you are able to find the willingness to open up about your own experiences, you will likely come to find that these are the experiences of a lot of others and find a moment of peace and clarity in your own struggles.

Again, this is empirical advice and we all come from different angles, but it may help you to find your own gotos!