re: Java is NOT EASY to learn. But still worth :) VIEW POST


Coming from a C background, Java is relatively easy to pick up.

There is a load of other stuff such as the large number of libraries, how to use code comments, how to override methods such as equals / hashCode so that proper equality works in a collection.

However, subtleties - understanding and making proper use of features such as generics, enumerations, collections, why inheritance and interfaces should and should not be used take effort to understand. I suggest the book "Effective Java" by Joshua Bloch as it covers things from this angle instead of, say, going through the network programming library classes.


I'd suggest Python as a first language (maybe after a pictorial language such as Scratch for beginners) with something like inventwithpython.com/ or Raspberry Pi to work with.

Also, python has good support in areas such as numeric and scientific computing, machine learning and data science, and web development.

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