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re: Agreed but if you understood all these concepts then you will be able to understand any language.

Differerent classes of languages have their own subtleties so take time to learn. For example, I'd personally really need to think about how to write a prime sieve in a functional programming language.

It's surprising that some developers, even with quite a lot of C programming experience, program without giving sufficient thought to things I've listed above e.g. a new struct is defined, code is written to allocate memory for the structure and fields within it, but with no clean-up strategy in the (admittedly rare) case that memory allocation fails.

I've seen this on projects where a developer is programming in other languages e.g. Java alongside C.

It's because they are used to newer languages which cleans up everything for them.

Even with Java care has to be taken so that the garbage collector thinks it can actually release an object when it goes out of scope.

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