Portal with detailed architectural solutions recipes?

Oleksandr on November 07, 2019

Hey, ppl! Do we have some portal with architectural solutions recipes? Example (out of thin air): Q: I need to upload and store files ... [Read Full]
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This would be Awesome. I couldn't find any though.


I think there is some information but in different places and articles.
Hm. Should we create some github repo with some specific fields and then merge in practical solutions from anyone who wants to share?


Or maybe github where anyone can ask for highlevel arch solution - and get some resonses how to implement?


One of the solutions I'd like to know how to do:

  1. Where to host some landing page with a few sections (blog with articles(articles with comments), about me, videos, etc) for free? (at least as for beggining?)

“Successful & Short Kubernetes Stories For DevOps Architects” by Pavan Belagatti link.medium.com/A25PeplI42

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