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Don't give up! I'm a mom of two awesome boys (2 y o and 5 y o) and I do write code. Both my kids started nursery at 5 months, and I did express milk at work and bring it to the nursery at lunchtime. I was super lucky as the nursery was almost next building to my office and I had a choice to work 4 days a week for a few months while baby was under 1 y o and more.. I had child sick days!! I wish all employers had these options.

I changed my job when youngest was 1.5 y o. I work for a startup now 5 days a week and do nursery and school drop offs and pick ups. No child sick days now, so spending my holidays instead, but still I'm happy because I do love my job. Keeping up with all events at the school and having not yet talking and always sitting on your hands and crying toddler is a challenge. Evenings and weekends are always messy. But I know it will be better soon! Wish you all stay healthy and keep going :-)

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