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Oliver Mensah

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What kind of Questions would you like to ask Recruiters?

In my home country, Ghana, once you graduate from a tertiary institution, you need to serve the country for almost a year. As a computer science student who aims to be a strong software engineer one day, I am specific with choosing a company that I believe will help horn my skills within this time-frame. I was recently interviewed for a software developer role and during the interview, I was asked if I have a question for them?

Since, I care my growth as well, I was like what measures do you have in place to ensure the growth of your developers in terms of skills, knowledge, staying up to with cutting edge technologies?

From their response, I felt like I am obsessed with growth than what I can give to the company.

What if you are in my shoe, what kind of questions could you have asked?

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Richard Debrah

I can imagine how you felt when you realized this. One thing about job interviews is that it is also and interview for you to determine if that company is a good fit for you. If the work culture will not promote your growth as you expect then you must not choose them or you will not be happy there.
I grew up in Ghana and know what you are saying. Let your work speak for you and also have the culture of teaching others. I have found that to be a very helpful learning tool so it does not matter where you are you will always learn.

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Oreoluwa Ogundipe

One thing to look out for is also the “work culture”. Doesn’t seem like a big issue at first but if the “senior” engineers at the company aren’t approachable it becomes a lot harder to learn & grow