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Discussion on: A Guide to Deep Work: How to Achieve the Ultimate Productivity

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Olivier Chauvin

Thanks for the list! It's really helpful.
I think the hardest part about the Deep Work method is setting a schedule. It took a long time for me to just finish setting a day's schedule, let alone a week's amount. I used to write everything down on pen and paper, but this actually wastes a lot of time.

Switched to using digital todo lists like the ones you recommend above, and things got so much easier. I'm a huge fan of Quire ever since someone recommended it to me a few months back. They have the feature where you can set priorities so that you can finish the ones that are more crucial and put the ones that have a longer deadline to the back.
The best thing is that the app provides offline syncing so I can turn on airplane mode (to get rid of the distractions from social media) and still use it.

Thanks again for the tips!