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I feel like because the technology is growing so fast and it's always changing, every developer feels this way. What is my focus? What is my role?

Most developers are constantly learning and practicing everything it's hard to say until you get a role that demands you focus on x technology.

So it seems open for now but I believe it's safe to break down into:

Front end
Back end
Full stack

And then an explanation with your primary tech stack focus.

Like front end angular or front end Vue or backend python etc., And I also know X technology.

In the case of front end that is more CSS orientated I think the role web designer or web developer seems to still fit even though most people who code CSS probably don't spend a lot of time on the actual design. So even that gets tricky.

If you design websites more and code a little: web designer.

If you design websites a little and code more: web developer.

In the end a company will be small or large. If they are large they're going to need focus on a specific stack. And all you have to demonstrate is that you've built stuff with that stack and you know it well.

If it's a small company they're focus might be on a specific product and are open to you figuring out ways with whatever technology you prefer to simply work on the product.


Thanks for your reply. I think that it's all the variations of the role that make it hard for companies to understand!

I get your descriptions, although I'm a frontend developer and definitely couldn't design a website. Like, not at all. I see a good design vs bad, and can take designs and recreate them very well in code, but you certainly wouldn't want me designing your website 😁

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