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re: Rust is one of those languages that wil force you to become a more rounder programmer because, depending on your background, it will help to introd...

What would you suggest for someone interested in learning rust. What resources should I go through to learn with? What would be something a rust newbie should try to build?


The official "book" is the best place to learn rust. It's a relatively fast-paced book but does not assume you have any familiarity with Rust (or any other systems language):

In terms of what to do, a nice way to get proficient in a language is via Exercism:

When learning a new language I like to implement the Game of Life and a Brainf*ck interpreter.

Ive never heard of exercism before looks like a great resource. Thanks!

I can really recommend the Brainf*ck interpreter. Also try implementing some optimizations such as combining operations.

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